Because we are the DO-ERS!  And of course, more…

  • NVOCC:

    Unlike freight forwarders, Transco Shipping is an NVOCC.  As an NVOCC, we can offer distinct advantages for our clients, providing the full range of supply chain services between China and USA as well as other countries.


    We’re located in New York where we can handle shipments to/from anywhere in the US. including the west coast, on time.  Forwarders locating in the west coast cannot efficiently handle shipments to the east coast and certain inland destinations, because they’re 3 hours behind, making them the latest region to get to work in the U.S.  So if you have a shipment in the east coast that needs urgent attention in the morning, it will most likely be very difficult to wake up your forwarder at 6:00AM for urgent attention.  Did you know that?

  • RATES:

    Together, our worldwide partners and us work closely with each other under service contracts directly with many carriers. This avoids co-load fees and middle agent fees. As for in-land transportations, we also work directly with truckers avoiding third-party fees.


    We can deliver FCL, LCL, FTL & LTL from any airport/seaport/railramp/CFS in the U.S. to ANYWHERE in the U.S. guaranteeing punctual arrivals of your shipments at any time with the MOST competitive rates – we have trucking companies working for us at airport/seaport/rail ramps/CFS.


    Since we work directly with the ocean carrier, airlines and trucking companies, we are able to provide our clients the most direct services and information with less parties involved… creating efficiency.


    Our broker partners can clear customs & handle all kinds of customs related issues at any port and ramp in the U.S. With 30+ years of experience, together we can surely provide our customs with the most professional services.


    We will act as your “3rd eye” & “3rd arm” watching and reaching out thousands of miles away giving you the insights & man power you need to fully monitor one the most important procedures of the supply chain venture. You’ll be notified every step from production to every move in shipping until arrival to the final destination and be assured of efficiency & professionalism in receiving your goods on Time, in Full!

Transco Shipping

Transco Shipping is built around one important principle: to become your most reliable full-service logistics partner for your supply chain solutions! We accomplish this goal by providing our customers with the personalized service, flexibility, security, and complete accountability that they deserve.